THE DECISION MAKER We sometimes forget how many choices we make in a day. Our power is in our choices. In this enlightening and life enriching course, we will learn extremely effective tools for making decisions in our lives, both big and small through asking ourselves a series of questions that help us get to the root of what we really want.


We will be creating beautiful, creative tools to take home and use on a daily basis. We will create a personal and artsy deck of cards that can be put on a ring or made into a small book, each card with a decision making question and the affirmation that goes with it.

This curriculum is an exclusive module written and created by Melody Ross, co-founder of Brave Girls Club. Timalee Nevels, a Certified Soul Restoration Instructor trained by Melody, will teach this class.

The course fee includes the following:
• A beautiful Decision Maker class workbook to take home
• A high-quality materials with which you’ll create your own Decision Maker card deck
• Abundant art supplies
• Course instruction and art technique ideas and guidance
• Snacks and beverages

ART EXPERIENCE IS NOT REQUIRED! (honest!) Maximum class size is 8 attendees.  

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