Restoration Retreat

February 21-24, 2019

Kenyon Ranch

 in beautiful Tubac, Arizona

Join our staff, a certified Brave Girls Club Instructor and 15 other women for an immersive retreat experience. This is your chance to slow way down from the demands of the everyday world, and put yourself first. You’ll be accepted just as you are right now.  We’ll cheer you on as you discover a deeper connection to your own authenticity.


  • Be still

  • Refocus

  • Remember who you are

  • Bless and release what no longer serves you

  • Rejoin your life restored and renewed


restore (noun)

1. to bring back, to reinstate

2. to return

3. to repair or renovate (as in a work of art) so as to return it to its original condition.


At a restoration retreat, the work of art that you're restoring is YOU. Things happen in our lives, we have struggles, we experience abuse and trauma, we make mistakes, we are told lies.  Sometimes we make up lies ourselves to help us make sense of our lives.  All of these things take a toll on us.  This retreat is not about changing yourself.  It's about restoring yourself back to the beautiful, sweet soul you were when you came into this world.  


This is the very same curriculum taught at the sell out sessions of Brave Girls Camp taught by a Certified Brave Girls instructor. 


It's life changing fun!




Previous retreat participants had this to say about the experience:


"This is where healing and growth happen."


" 'One size fits all'-- This retreat has a way of meeting your needs and opening doors to yourself that you may not realize are there."


"I grew as a woman, a mother, a lover in ways I never expected."


"An eye opening experience."


"Timalee is a masterful facilitator who gently guided me to uncover and acknowledge some deep-rooted fears and challenges, and helped me navigate a personal journey of self-discovery.   I felt safe being vulnerable with Timalee as the facilitator of a powerful personal experience during my first women’s retreat.  She is funny, intuitive, self-aware and authentically caring. "




Do you have questions?  We have answers!

 Who should attend?


To say that women's lives are busy these days is an understatement. Women are leaders in their own families, workplaces, and communities…but are we showing up for ourselves in the same way that we do for others?


Women who experience the following might be in a holding pattern or living on auto-pilot:


  •         Always doing for others

  •         Never saying “no”

  •         Putting themselves last

  •         Enjoying little or no self-care

  •         Feeling plagued by thoughts of ‘not enough-ness’


When we live our lives in this way, we can’t be fully present for our partners or kids.  There will never be enough time, money, energy, or self-esteem. 


What we want for women is to help them claim the time and energy to show up for the people they love in an authentic way and to be present to experience all that life has to offer.


A retreat experience allows us to break out of our holding patterns and experience a shift that hits our reset buttons and returns us to our lives with new perspectives, skills, and newfound energy.  This reset does more for us than simply taking a yoga class, or spending some ‘me time’. Time away can turbo charge the effects of all the small self-care actions that we can make time for.


We can be more fully present and able to show up for the people in our lives that we love, including ourselves!


What is self care?

Self care is simple, and complicated.  Some acts of self-care, such as going for a run or hitting the gym, are often focused on a goal. When we do engage in these types of acts of self-care… we are usually as focused on the goal like miles run or calories burned as we would be with any other goals in our lives.  That's not bad, but it's not the same as the kind of self care that helps us tend our inner selves.


Many of us turn to other types of self care to sooth our souls.  

The results of other acts of self-care, like a bubble bath or pedicure are short-lived.


When you give yourself the gift of a restorative retreat, you allow yourself to deeply lean in to self care.  You slow down, connect with yourself on a totally different level.  It can be a total system reboot.  And when you return to your life after a retreat weekend, it can make the effects of all those other methods of self care more impactful and last longer.  


What do we 'do' at a retreat?

  • We’ll sit in circle and share the stories of our lives- in wittnessing the stories of other women's lives, we discover the strength and beauty in our own lives

  • We’re going to practice showing up for ourselves and staying present in our bodies as we engage in restorative yoga, sit in nature, walk a labyrinth

  • We’re going to tap into our creative spirit (yes, everyone has one) and create something beautiful that inspires us.

  • We’ll spend some time in the beauty of Kenyon Ranch which is nestled in the foothills of the Tumacocori Mountains. While there, you may choose to take a little time for yourself and enjoy a nap in a hammock, a cup of tea or a candle light labyrinth walk or a dip in the pool or a soak in the hot tub.  

  •  You will also have the opportunity to enjoy some body work at the hands of a professional (many past participants who didn't schedule a massage, said they wished they had!)

What’s included?


This facilitated retreat begins on a day 1 with check in and a welcome dinner and ends on day 4 after lunch.

Included in the cost of the retreat:


  • Four days and three nights shared room accommodations

  • Meals provided are dinner day 1 through Lunch on day 4 (Gluten Free incurs an extra charge)

  • Yummy snacks each day

  • Abundant supplies and beautiful materials for all activities

  • On request we can workout transportation from TUS airport to Kenyon Ranch


In additional, you’ll go home with fun Beautiful You gifties designed to delight.


What’s not included?


There are some wonderful retreat add-ons that you might want to consider.


  • Pre/post retreat stay at Kenyon Ranch

  • Professional body work- massage,  acupuncture

  • Private room ($25/nt additional charge


*Please note due to the nature of this personal exploratory work this is an alcohol free experience.  


Booking and Payment Info


  • The price for the retreat is $900 per person

  • $100 Non-refundable deposit holds your space

  • Payments for balance can be broken into monthly payments between registration and the event date (financing option includes $10 per month finance charge)


Declined Payments


All declined payments will be subject to a $25 insufficient funds charge. It is the responsibility of the registrant to update Beautiful You to bring the account back into good standing.


Cancellations and Refunds


We are happy to give a full refund of your $100 deposit when requested within 30 days of your registration.  After that, your deposit and additional payments become non refundable.  We are happy to transfer your payments to another participant or for a future retreat.  

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