Meet our intern!

Galaxia Mayagoitia           

Age: 23

School: University of Arizona

Major: Rehabilitation

Minor(s): Nutrition, Spanish

Credit(s) earned from Internship: 3 credits for SERP197A course (Introduction to Service Learning and Meaningful Contributions to the Community) with Professor Linda Hill


Hello! I am so grateful to be working with Beautiful You, a business founded by the most beautiful intentions. I am a passionate believer in self-care and soul searching, so being a part of Beautiful You fit like a glove. I have worked with women of all ages from all walks of life, as my experience includes working with Girl Scouts, a women’s eating recovery center, and currently a health and wellness resort where I help women turn their health intentions into actions. This internship has pushed and empowered me to step into new shoes, extend my understanding and practice of marketing, and has allowed me to learn from a strong and altruistic entrepreneur, Timalee Nevels, the founder of Beautiful You. 

What I do at Beautiful You:

  • Perform market analysis and research on competition

  • Determine changes or improvements to the design of company website to improve appeal

  • Generate alternative verbiage for website to improve vividness and dazzle readers

  • Create a plan to enhance social media presence

  • Construct bi-weekly reports of completed tasks and research findings

  • Present overview of bi-weekly report at meetings, where feedback is received and vital components of report  are discussed


Application for Spring Semester Internship is now open! Download the internship description and application below, and email completed application to 

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