Hello!  I'm Timalee.  When I meet people and they ask me what I do, they often want to know what brought me to this work.  


I hid behind a cardboard cutout for 20+ years, hiding my pain, trauma and the truth of what my life was.  I grew up believing that I was not enough, that any 'wins' in my life were not my own and that I was a fraud that would surely be found out at any moment.  It is because of my connection to amazing women who helped me find the courage to stand in my truth, to tell my truth, to heal my truth that I learned to live more authentically.  


Connecting with women continued to be a critical mainstay in my life as I discovered more about myself.  I first learned to circle with the women of the Bloodhut who took me in and showed me how it feels to belong.  I found not only sisterhood, but a career at Girl Scouts where there is a 106 year tradition of sitting in circle.  It's there that my passion for lifting up women of all ages was born and my gift for it was revealed.

Along with my own classes, I'm proud to be a Brave Girls Club Certified Instructor and teach the beloved, life changing course, Soul Restoration as well as a full complement of other Brave Girls workshops.

I’m excited to share my passion for lifting up all women in their own journey and can’t wait to sit with you in circle.









In 2017, I was so proud to be speaking at Brave Girls Symposium in beautiful Boise, Idaho, click above to see the talk!    This summer, I was lucky enough to teach two workshops at Symposium- Body Love 101 and Finding or creating your tribe back home.  We had so much fun connecting soul to soul, which is what it's all about.

*Trigger Warning: the video of the talk above involves frank (but not graphic in any way), personal experiences of childhood abuse and a discussion of weight loss efforts, which may be a trigger for some.

I'm so proud to be a guest blogger for the amazing organization Darkness to Light.  You can see my personal journey here.

I'm honored to have been featured in #thisistucson's  Badass Women of Tucson series.  Check it out and check out their app designed for millenial Mom's on the go.  You won't know what you did without it.

Work with me...

I'm available for corporate/group facilitation, retreat facilitation, public speaking about child sexual abuse, body love and acceptance.

The Clubhouse is also now available for birthday parties, showers etc with art activities provided.

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