Well, hello there. 

Thanks for stumbling into this corner of the internet. 


  • Are you a woman who savors the moments you have alone because they’re few and far between?

  • Do you run from event to event, obligation to obligation all day and evening? 

  • Are you last on your list of priorities? 


If you have said yes to any of these questions (be honest, no one is looking!), you are not alone. This is a community for YOU and all of the other women just like you.

I call this community Beautiful You and it’s a place to be, become, belong. 


Why did I create Beautiful You?

In my work life, I’ve been immersed in a female culture with many, many strong women leading courageous lives and still, they are plagued with not enoughness.  Every day I encounter women who discount their accomplishments, minimize their own needs and who are so busy being busy that they don’t have the energy to be fully present.


My heart longed for a community where women gather to lift each other up.  This is that place.


A place to Belong. 

Tune into the inter-connectedness of us all. Choose to join our social media community and reach out to your sisters around the globe or come together in community at a workshop or retreat experience…either way, we hope you’ll join with other women and share in their beauty and strength as you discover yours.


Whether you have a few minutes to check in on social media, a few hours to get away from the daily routine to relax and restore at a workshop, or a few days to completely unplug at a retreat…we are waiting for you. We’re here to remind you of how strong, how courageous, and how beautiful you are. Ours is a circle of total acceptance.


You won’t be judged here. 

To thank you for popping by, we'd like to send out a free gift!

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